by catarina clemente

OK. Let’s see. How can explaint it? Hmmm… well, there are a couple of  things that I want to force myself to try. Drawing is one of them.

But let’s face it. I haven’t a clue of how to start. So I’m always excited with new, easy and fun projects like this one, from scrumdilly-do! and I feel that I have the obligation to try.

Here is my side of the story.

1- I picked a piece of cardboard from a box

2- Glued a kind-of-patchwork made from a vintage newspaper

3- Sketched the trees and the house folowing jessica’s tutorial

4 – Used my own fingers to paint it with white acrylic since I have no idea of how to use paint-brush 

5 – I found that I was unable to copy jessica’s bird (maybe because it’s actually a cloud and not a bird :P)  so I cheated. I googled something like “how to draw a bird without making it look like a cheese toast” and I found this. Then I drew it with a correction pen (clever, uh?)

and a couple of hours later…

6 – I ruined everything with my black marker… Then I waited until night to take a picture with candlelight so you won’t be able to see how bad it is =)

Anyway, there’s my damn thing. Enjoy  the view!! I almost forgot to say: I had a lot of fun! Thanks, Jessica!!!