by catarina clemente

texture, originally uploaded by violeta from portugal.

“scant attention is paid to our senses by the purveyors of today’s technological gadgetry with their ever-increasing obsession for convenience and labor-saving devices. there is not much textural appeal, for example, about computer hardware, or mass-produced, static-inducing synthetic carpets and fabrics. in complete contrast, sensual textures like soft wool blankets, crisp cotton bedlinens, and light and downy pillows are staples handed down from past generations that help us to bolster us against the more soulless elements of modern living. from the perfect smoothness of a baby’s skin to the gnarled and ridged bark on a tree, natural textures are there for us to notice and appreciate […] our homes need natural textures to transform them into living breathing spaces.”

– Jane Cumbertach in

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